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Muniba Mazari: The Iron Lady of Pakistan

Meet the Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mazari: You often listen Justin Bieber’s hit song NEVER SAY NEVER while singing it la-la-la by moving your hands an feet. But it seems like song describes the biography of Muniba Mazari, the Iron Lady of Pakistan. She was given this title not because she is featured in any Hollywood movie again Iron Man. But actually, due to her courage, strength and the ways she is living her perfectly imperfect life.

Meet the Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mazari:

She is called iron lady because doctors put a titanium in her wrist and arm, in her back after a fatal car accident when her half body was fractured while half was paralyzed. Muniba isn’t just a name, a story-teller but also a motivation for those who blame their lives with excuses. It is story of a women whose perfectly imperfect life made her who and what she is today.

Muniba Mazari Car Accident

She -who currently serves as the National Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan – met a road accident in 2007 while doing her bachelor in fine arts. She was on her way to her hometown Rahim Yar Khan from a remote area of Balochistan where her husband fell asleep at the wheel and drove the car into a ditch but he jumped out and saved himself.

Muniba Mazari Injuries

She thought it was end of her life and started reciting the kalma. She noticed after she brought to hospital that half of her body was fractured and the rest paralysed. One day in hospital – during Muniba’s treatment after her car accident, doctor came to her and said, ‘Well, I have come to know that you wanted to be an artist but you ended up in being a housewife, I have a bad news for you.’

Meet the Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mazari:

Doctor further said, ‘You wouldn’t be able to paint again because the wrist in your arm is deformed.’ Next day, doctor came again and told Mazari, ‘Your spine injury is so bad, so you wouldn’t be able to walk again.’ Muniba Mazari took a deep breath and replied doctor, ‘Its alright.’

Another Day, Another Injury, Another Disability

Doctor received a new report the from the the lab. It was shared with Mazari. Doctor told her, ‘Because of your spine injury and fixation that you have in your back, you wouldn’t be able to give birth to a child again.’ That day, Muniba asked her mother, ‘Why me’. That is where when devastated Mazari started to question her existence, that why her even that life. What’s the point of living.Meet the Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mazari:

‘I can’t paint, I can’t walk,’ she asked herself. It was ‘Okay’ for her. But it was the most painful that she can’t be a mother because a girl has this thing in her mind that she is incomplete without having children. She was going to be incomplete women for the rest of her life. Her friends and family members were scared because they think she will be divorced because Muniba Mazari husband would never keep a wheelchair-bound wife. It was unknown to everyone that what is going to happen to her.

Meet the Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mazari:

Her mother asked her to write something with deformed hand. She tried to write Allah on a piece of paper but she couldn’t manage. That’s when she finally broke down and started screaming and crying. Well, you know guys that we all try to chase the terminal of life because we see light at the end of the terminal which helps us to keep going and not to stop. But in Muniba’s case, there was a tunnel but there was no light. She started to put a smile on her face to hide her pain. This hiding was also important for her to see the face her mother happy.

It was so hard to hide the pain which was always there inside of her but she has to put smile on her face because she thought if she gave up, her mother and brother will give up too. She couldn’t see them crying with her. One day, she asked her brother, “I know I’ve a deformed hand but I’m tired by looking at these white walls in the room of hostpital and want to add colours to my life.”

Meet the Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mazari:

She requested her brother to bring some colours and small canvas because she wanted to paint even with her deformed hand. The first painting which she made on her dead-bed wasn’t a piece of art or passion, it was her therapy. What an amazing therapy it was without writing a single word. She painted her handout. Everyone in the hospital, staff, nurses, doctors commented on it that this painting is amazing and so colourful but no-one could see grief in it. Muniba could see it, feel it. In this way, she spent her two and half months in hospital, never complaining or wining but painting.

Bed-Ridden for Two Years in One Room

Muniba Mazari went back home and realized that she had developed a lot of pressure alsar on her back and on her hip-bone so she was unable to sit. There was a lot of infection in her body and allergies. So doctors wanted her to lie down on the bed straightly, not for a week, six months, a year but for two years.

Meet the Iron Lady of Pakistan, Muniba Mazari:

She was bed-ridden for two years confined in one room, looking outside the window listening to birds chirping and thinking that there will be a time when she will be going out with the family and enjoying the nature. That’s the time when she realized that she is going to share this pain with everyone to make them realize that how blessed they are and even they dont consider them lucky.

Muniba Mazari’s Re-Birth

After spending two and half-months in hospital, two years on bed at home, it was re-birth for Muniba when she was able to sit on a wheel-chair. She was a completely different girl on that day.

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