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Bashir Ahmad Classic Lawn Collection 2017 With Prices

The beautiful Classic Lawn Collection 2017 by Bashir Ahmad Textiles is here to beat the heat of this summer season. Pakistani lawn is woven in the finest cotton yarn specifically for the eastern summer. After extreme care and delicate processes it feels silky and untextured next to your skin.

The classic colour combination of this Bashir Ahmad Classic lawn 2017 makes this collection must-have in your closet.

A staple in summer wardrobe, it has redefined the fashion industry as we know it. From concept to creation, at every step of the creative process through to final execution, Bashir Ahmad Textiles takes immense care to make sure that every article of clothing it brings to you is perfect in every way.

Bashir Ahmad Classic Lawn 2017

Almost 55 years back Bashir Ahmad opened a new chapter in the history of Pakistan textile industry by starting his textile carrier at shop-level. It goes without saying that over the years Bashir Ahmad textile has extraordinarily changed the textile scenario. As the saying goes, it is hard to beat a person who never gives up. Bashir Ahmad was one of those who proved this during a very short time span of time.

The classic colour combination of this Bashir Ahmad Classic lawn 2017 makes this collection must-have in your closet.

His sincere and diligent efforts bore the sweet fruit in the form of Five star Textiles industries that brought a time when Bashir Ahmad began to be acknowledged as one of the leading business tycoons of Pakistan. The Brand Bashir Ahmad brand is a tribute to those efforts that ultimately translated into the values like continuous improvement, integrity and quality.

Keeping up with these values Bashir Ahmad textile intends to pursue for a vivacious relationship with its valued customers by offering them the sagacious trends, competitive niche and product perfection quality.

This gorgeous Bashir Ahmad Classic Lawn 2017 for summer season is the ideal showstopper for any occasion! Wear the piece with some understated jewellery when you step out to conquer the town! Beat the summer heat with this perfect Pakistani lawn collection.

The price of each dress from Bashir Ahmad Classic Lawn Collection 2017 is only 1680 Pakistani rupees. The classic colour combination of this Classic lawn 2017 makes this collection must-have in your closet. Let’s have a look at the complete range of Bashir Ahmad summer collection 2017!

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