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Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners Step by Step

Your eyes will be hypnotized after applying this Smokey Eye Makeup tutorial. You don’t need ages to get that look while using the soft products for this look. If you want to try then go for creamy one too or you can try a mat look with the same look too to get a perfect bright day light eye look.

Smokey Eyes Makeup For Beginners

After washing the face with worm water and muslin cloth, apply moisturize and apply some foundation or concealer all around your skin. Blend well and you need to use some light shaded foundation over your lid and apply it all over the lit till the brow bone and blend well.

Smokey Eye Tutorial For Blue Eyes

Apply some simple losses powder to fix the look and then we will start with the shads to get brighter smoky looks. Take a bit of metallic silver eye shadow on thin eye brush and then apply it on the inner third of the eye and blend it and don’t blend it inward, instead blend it out word to the end of your eye. Then take purplish grey shadow with the same brush and tap off the excess off.

Apply it over the outer two-thirds of the lid, and let it go slightly above the crease too. Then take a clean brush and blend the shade and use your ring finger to blend the harsh edges of the shadow, Take some loose powder in the little finger and define your brow bone with that.

Take some more shadow with the blending brush and blend the shade from outer corner to the lower lash line, but don’t apply all the way from the outer corner to the inner over the lower lash line, just stay to the outer corner of your eye. Take a black eye shadow or you can use plain loose kohl too and trace the upper lash line with that.

Smokey Eye Tutorial For Blue Eyes

Don’t use the bright shade or shiny black or it will steal the look completely, you can use mat copper or black too. take the Kajal of same shade that you used over your eye lash line and apply a thick line over the water line and then apply a thick coat over the upper water line too and use Tight-lining technique and then finish the look with mascara. You can also watch video of Smokey eyes makeup tutorial for brown eyes.

Smokey Eye Makeup YouTube Tutorial For Brown Eyes

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