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Mathira On Divorce: ‘Please Leave Me ALONE!’

Mathira is among the most-searched lady in Pakistani web and social media. In a short time, she has gained a lot of success and fame. Mathira Khan also got fame when she started singing and appeared in couple of Pakistani item songs.

Mathira Latest News

Pakistani actress, model, and singer Mathira is in headlines again. This time, its not about her success and fame, its about her personal life.

Mathira Latest News, Husband And Divorce Update

Mathira – who married Punjabi singer Farran J Mirza (also known as Flint J) – has annouced of seperation from her husband.

The news was broken on social media. Mathira wrote, “A small announcement me and Flint J are officially divorced I wish him the best in his life the rest I leave to Allah thanks a lot.. from now me and him have separate ways he moved on in his life I wish him the best.”

“Sometimes we love someone it’s only one side u may love the person buy that person might be in love some wer else it’s ok that’s how life is we hope and dream for something and it does not happen pyar sath rehtaa hai bass woh Insaan sath nahi Hota <3”, Mathira continued.

Mathira and Flint J were married in 2012. Two years after the marriage, the couple has a son, Aahil Rizvi who was born in 2014.

There are also many web and social media users who look for the Mathira’s religion. According to Mathira wikipedia, she is a Muslim who regards her relationship with her God as personal, and receives harsh criticism in Pakistan for the way she dresses and speaks.

UPDATE: Mathira Denies Her Divorce News

Mathira was approached by a local private news channel to confirm the latest news about her relationship status with her husband. She totally denied the news of her divorce.

Mathira Confirm She Has Some Issues

Though, the actress denied her divorce news with Flint J but she accepted that she is having some issues in her personal life. She said, “It’s true that I’m having some issues in my personal life, but I haven’t spoken to anyone.”

“Please Leave Me Alone!”

“I’ve responded to some bloggers and some have taken down the posts and apologised,” Mathira said after some news channels and bloggers published the news of her divorce. “Don’t do all this for the sake of TRPs or likes. Please leave me alone because I can’t take this.”

“I’m not well and I don’t need this rubbish. I don’t want anyone to butt into my personal life. Leave it to me,” Mathira Khan said.

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