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Kitchen Cleaning Tips: Clean Kitchen Checklist Step by Step


The kitchen is the heart and center of a home. We all try to keep this part of the home clean. But there are some things that we usually don’t clean. These things need to be cleaned properly on a regular basis to keep your house clean and healthy.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips: Clean Kitchen Checklist Step by Step

With the invention of modern technology, house cleaning has become less difficult with different types of vacuum cleaners, washing machines etc. Still, we tend to forget some of the important items. These items like the kitchen sink faucets, dishwasher, towels, etc. involve into cleaning. So, sometimes we forget that we need to clean them individually.

Things We Need to Clean More Often in the Kitchen

Living in a healthy and safe house is a blessing. Cause the environment reduces the chances of disease and other issues. To keep the environment safe and healthy we need to clean the house and household items properly. Some of these items need more care than the others. My article about the top 6of these things we should often clean and it is given below.

1.      The Sponge

Sponge cleans the dirty, messy and sticky cookware and crockeries. So it gets dirty very often. Sanitizing the sponge in the microwave cannot be the solution. Often we see that the sponge turned into grey color. That is the sign of expiration of the sponge.

And in this situation, we need to take off the sponge with newer one. Although we will talk more about cleaning in this article, some of the items are safer to change. We should just toss the old one off and get a new germ free sponge for using. We should change the sponge once in a week.

2.      Dishwasher

The dishwasher is the thing where we clean all the kitchen items that can be clean with water. But sometimes we forget the very basic thing. We clean dishes on it but we don’t clean it. We think that it would stay clean just like that. This is because you use a lot of water on it for cleaning other things.

But the truth is that the litters, waste, and minerals can build up as the time goes. So, we should do the cleaning work often in the dishwasher.To keep the dishwasher proper and perfect, you need to clean the deeper side of it.One should clean the dishwasher once in a weak to keep it healthy and usable.

3.      Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets are one of the most useful items in the kitchen. To have healthy food, you need quality kitchen faucets, that provides safe water that cleans the food and kitchen appliances, such as bowls, pots, jars, plates, spoons, etc.

But with a lot of uses, dirt can inside the faucet as well. This doesn’t only rise rusty issues of the faucets but also can be a cause of bacteria inside the parts of the faucet. So, to be safe and healthy we need to take proper care and clean the faucet regularly.

4.      Dish Towels

How many people change dish towel every in a week? I think none. Also, if I ask how many people clean it regularly, then very few people will answer yes. You probably are thinking that how do I know? It is the reality. We don’t give importance to the dish towels. We wipe our dishes after cleaning with these towels. But we never wash or clean these towels often. Maybe after a long time when it gets sticky then we notice.

But think about it. Ifit is dirty by itself with bacteria, how will it help to clean items properly? It will not. Actually, it will go against every safety and health issues of your family. So, the key point is we should clean the dish towels every day after using it.

5.      Lunch Box

A lunchbox is a tool we use regularly. We are using the same lunch box every day to bring lunch to the workplace or sending lunch to school with our kids.Some of us may even forget to wash it after uses.

This is because most of the time we provide dry foods in it and after using, it doesn’t look wet and dirty. But the bacteria are still in there if you do not wash it. So, we definitely should stop doing that without cleaning the lunch box regularly.

6.      Sink

Expert says that sink contains more bacteria than a toilet bowl. Every dirt goes through the sink and most of the part is not in open place. So, we cannot see it, and for that, we tend to forget cleaning it properly.

We surely don’t clean the sink everyday as we should. Sometimes we pick up the foods or fruits fell on the sink and eat it. Well, next time you will definitely think before eating the fallen food. You must clean your sink every single day to be healthy.

Final Verdict

Keeping a house healthy is one of the major parts to remain sound and safe. And to keep it healthy we need to take care of the heart of the house, which is thekitchen. Along with the bathroom, one need to keep the kitchen clean with regular cleaning.

And to keep the kitchen clean, we should give importance on cleaning the above things more often than we do now. I hope you would stay clean and stay healthy.

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