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How To Get Fit At Home Using Best Inversion Table Without Gym

How To Get Fit At Home Using Best Inversion Table Without Gym: Do you know how to build muscle without lifting weights and how to get fit at home without going to gym? Best inversion table becomes popular to get rid of back pain. The people who have inversion table they use it for therapy. Also, the table can be used for the workout. Though many people don’t know it is possible to workout with the inversion table.

It needs some skill to working out on the inversion table. That is very easy to trainers and fitness experts because they have skill. But it is pretty tricky to the trainee. Because, whenever they are in inverted position, they cannot move their leg. On the other hand, the expert can move them that are why they can be highly benefited from the inversion table.

Exercising On Best Inversion Table

Inversion table has lots of benefits. Even, if you are hanging upside down only for one minute that brings vast advantages. It works with gravity and own weight. Its pressure gravity improves your fitness as regular exercise does. Also, it provides more strength in your leg and abdominal area.

How To Get Fit At Home Using Best Inversion Table Without Gym

Beginners should not hang upside down directly. Without any hanging training upside down might be the risk for you. So, you have started with the angle.

Safety: If you are using the inversion table the first time, start with your friend or any family member. Faulty installation can be a cause of any unwanted situation or accident. So, you should read user manual and installation carefully so that you can prevent the occurring accident. Then set up everything according to instruction and get ready to start to work out. But remember that, you should work out on inversion very carefully. It is harder than regular exercise.

Full Body Workout Without Weights

So many exercises you can do with an inversion table to keep your body fit. Let’s have a look at the one of the best and easy workout plans without weights.

Stretching: Stretch is one of the primary exercises that you can do with the inversion table. You can relieve tension and stress by doing this. It increases blood circulation on muscles. After reaching a comfortable angle, stretch your body outwards and stretch every as you want.

Also, you can do stretching exercise for the neck area. To do neck exercise, you have to rotate head from one side to another side. Besides, touching knee with the hand is another excellent exercise of stretching. Keep touching for few seconds. Then go back to the previous position. To get better result do the same process about 20 times.

These exercises are great for beginners. They are the great startup to go more complex and advance training. Also, they work great for spine stretching.

Back extension stretch: You have to extend your hands over the head to do back extension stretch. Arch your back whether you feel comfortable. This exercise helps to increase the flexibility of back muscle and spine. So, you will feel better after doing the training.

Inverted Crunches: Inverted crunches exercise is like regular crunch. The Just only difference is you have to hang upside down. To get a useful result, you need to full angle on inversion. Behind the head place the hands. You should lift upper portion of the body until you are neat to the knees. It gives excellent results to your muscles. And you will be able to get result soon.

Shoulder Blade Raise: Lay at a comfortable angle in the inversion table, extend your arms and then point your finger towards the ceiling. Also, raise your solders and set arms vertically. Keep rise your hand a couple of seconds and turn back them slowly to the previous position. Repeat this process twenty times and take a break of two minutes. Again continues repeat it twenty times.

With best inversion table you can do so many exercises. Also, you will never feel bored using the table for its exercise variation. The fantastic thing about using inversion table is its result. After doing exercise, you can see its effect and improvement.

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