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Zainab Raja: Meet Miss Veet Pakistan 2016-2017

Find everything you want to know about the new Miss Veet Pakistan, Zainab Raja.

Zainab Raja: Meet Miss Veet Pakistan 2016-2017

The country choose Zainab as the new winner after the biggest reality show of the country held its star studded grand finale event at Mohatta Palace in Karachi.

Zainab Raja is from Islamabad. She remained successful to show her amazing talent, stunning beauty and impressed judges of the show including Aamina Sheikh, Aisha Khan and Tapu Javeri.

Zainab Raja: Meet Miss Veet Pakistan 2016-2017

She was crowned the Miss Veet 2016 after beating Lara Mudhwal from Lahore, Zartab Bano from Chakwal.

Zainab Raja Facebook

‘Overwhelmed’ Zainab Raja expressed her feelings on her Facebook page after becoming the Miss Veet Pakistan.

“I am overwhelmed with the response I have received so far – Thank you everyone for your love and support”, she wrote on social media. “There have been so many people who have helped me complete my goal. Not only have they helped me in my endeavor, they believed in me, and that has made all the difference.”

Zainab Raja: Meet Miss Veet Pakistan 2016-2017

“My family has shown patience, understanding and encouragement through the course of many years that will never be forgotten, but with recent development in my career I have witnessed a bewildering wave of people who have flooded social media with hatred and anger”, Zainab continued.

“I would like to take an opportunity and address to all those who have been whining about the decision of Miss Veet 2016.

Zainab Raja: Meet Miss Veet Pakistan 2016-2017

Miss Veet 2016 is not about how tall you are, how amazing you look and how bold you are. It’s all about transformation that includes verbal skills, your ability to interact with your team and contestants, ethics, confidence, fitness , charm, integrity, passion, innovation, emotional intelligence, background and most importantly respecting others!

This Time it’s not a modeling competition. This time it’s Miss Veet Pakistan and that means an all-rounder who has the talent and can survive in the field of media as an actor , model , host or anything.

Zainab Raja: Meet Miss Veet Pakistan 2016-2017

Who could face all physical and emotional challenges. And I strongly believe I have demonstrated all these skills as effectively as possible. Therefore, the decision was in my favor. I hope people will show some empathy and start accepting the decision made by the respectable judges. My commitment to diligence made me won the title.

I have achieved it on my own and had no media background at all. I wish to motivate and become an inspiration for every girl out there who is struggling to follow her dreams and lead a life she has envisioned for herself.”

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